Welcome to Fio d’Azeite S.à.r.l.

Welcome to Fio d’Azeite S.à.r.l.


After 3 years of activity, our company have created for you the online shop Fio d’Azeite, where you can find all our products and customize baskets.

Customize to your taste!

Choose your basket, your products and you will receive your basket with high-quality Fio d’azeite.

Home deliveries in Luxembourg

The Fio d'Azeite offers its prized customers a new fast and efficient service: send and offer all of our great products, without having to move. Deliveries to companies, hospitals, at home or in the home of those you want to offer.Gifts for birthdays, stag and colleagues, dinners at friends' homes and other events.

Uma prenda Gourmet: ofereça qualidade e bom gosto

Fio d'Azeite